RMA Events

Annual Events

Our students actively participate in many different events to showcase their skills and achievements and gain performance experience and confidence!

We highly recommend participating in these annual events:

  • RMA Spring/Summer Recital
  • RMA Christmas Recital
  • RMA Alumni’s Recital
  • Halloween Costume Party 
  • Various Competitions and Festivals
  • Russian Music Academy (RMA) Testing
  • Official MTAC Certificate of Merit Testing
  • Official ABRSM Testing
  • Official NPPA Testing


A recital is a special event in which students of all levels and classes perform for family and friends. We believe performing is just as important as learning how to play an instrument. We have two recitals every year: Spring/Summer Recital and Christmas Recital.

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“It is the challenge and the thrill we get seeing our students up on stage
playing beautiful music!”

Details of Russian Music Academy Recitals

Each recital is divided into five time slots from which the student can choose. Dates, times and location are announced one month in advance. Each student can invite as many guests as they want to share their excitement with family and friends.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled recital.
  • Do not walk, talk, or make noise during a performance.
  • Silence your cell phones and take calls only outside of the concert hall.
  • Participating students and their families are expected to remain for the duration of the entire recital, thereby providing ample audience and respect for all performers.
  • Toddlers are not allowed in the concert hall!
  • T-Shirts, shorts, jeans, tennis shoes, slides, flip-flops, or any other casual wear is not allowed!
  • Young ladies should wear a dress or skirt that sits at or below the knee. Do not wear jewelry (bracelets, rings, etc.) or nail polish. Flat shoes are recommended. Hair should be styled away from the face.
  • Young men should wear a suit, but a turtleneck or buttoned shirt with dress pants is just as good. Dress shoes and dress socks are required.

Competitions and Festivals

Upon discretion of RMA teachers, students may be selected or encouraged to participate in various festivals and competitions, such as Los Angeles International Liszt Competition, San Jose International Piano Competition, Glendale Piano Competition, Junior Festival (NFMC), Keyboard Theme Festival (MTAC), Southern California Junior Bach Festival and more. We thoroughly prepare our students to participate in these events, so  that almost all our students receive different honors and awards – from Honorable Mentions to First Place positions. 

Official Tests

RMA Test: Students of Russian Music Academy will take our annual exam to determine their official level based on the California state standards. Testing will be held around March or April and is conducted by RMA’s teachers.

MTAC Test: Music Teachers Association of California Certificate of Merit Testing.

ABRSM Test: The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Examinations.
NPPA/ACM Test: Certificate of American College of Musicians.

Students are welcome to be evaluated by either music organization. If you choose to be tested, Russian Music Academy is here to prepare the students. Year after year our students receive the highest scores on all tests. Many of our students skip 2-3 levels. Some are able to advance to level 5 within a year, while others are being advanced to level 7 in two years and so on.  This is possible because of the high quality of teaching at RMA, parents’ cooperation, and motivation of students willing to go an extra mile to achieve their goals.