How to Get Started with RMA

Families come to RMA with different goals and aspirations; some children want to become professional musicians, while others simply want to play for fun.

Some children are interested in “playing by ear” and others want to compose their own music. We are always here to help every child achieve their desires, wishes, and dreams!

Before a student enrolls at the Russian Music Academy, we provide a few steps to help you make the best choice for your child:

FIRST  Schedule an introduction at the school. RMA provides an overview of the school to parents and their children. We want families to understand the RMA philosophy that creates the environment for students to be successful in their musical endeavors.

THEN Identify the students’ and parents’ goals, desires, and expectations;

AFTER Determine if a young beginner (3-4 years old) is ready to start;

ALSO  Evaluate abilities of the beginner student;

OR Check the true level of a student’s knowledge who studied previously elsewhere.

NEXT Help choose what instrument to play.

THEN Help choose what type of instrument to purchase (electric piano vs. upright, electric guitar vs. acoustic guitar, etc.).

AFTER THAT Choose a convenient lesson schedule. 

We know families may have many more questions or concerns about their child’s musical journey. We are here to offer our expertise and will be happy to discuss in detail any questions or concerns as you prepare to join the RMA family.

You can schedule an introduction of the RMA by calling, sending an e-mail, or filling out the Contact Form.

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