Russian Music Academy has taught me to appreciate and enjoy music. Without the help of the teachers; I would have not been able to advance to higher level of music.

Brian Bui, RMA student

Russian Music Academy has a group of professional teachers that can help a student reach their full potential in music. Students who have studied music theory at the Russian Music Academy have received Certificates of Merit from Music Teachers Association of California and passed with top scores! Thank you for bringing out the talent in my kids!"

Lune Bui
Mom of Brian and Julie
August 31, 2018

I'm glad I finally found Russian Music Academy for my children. The teachers are great and very professional. They encourage my kids and provide them with different options that help them to improve their piano skills. I would definitely recommend anyone who are interested in taking piano lessons to come to this academy.

Shirley, Mom of Brandon and Esther
Thursday, August 31, 2017

My nephew Steven Huynh started taking piano lessons at Russian Music Academy since he was five. I’ve checked out a lot of music schools in the area and this is far the best one. The lessons are very affordable and the teachers are knowledgeable with years of experiences teaching kids at varying levels.

Karen Tieu
Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Russian Music Academy is a Music School located in South El Monte. The owners, Alex and Ms. Rita are very friendly and welcoming. The lessons are reasonably priced depending on how long your lesson is. The scheduling is flexible because Academy is open six days a week. All the teachers are very friendly, nice, patient and experienced. There are two recitals held each year. They are a great way to show the students’ talent. This school has taught a lot about music and I would totally recommend it to anyone.

Justin’s C. Mom
Thursday, August 31, 2017

Russian Music Academy is the best Music School in this area. The instructors teach with their heart and enthusiasm. Thank you for teaching our children to enjoy music.

Ronald’s Tran Mom
Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Treina & Winston

My two teen-aged children have been taking music theory and lessons at Russian Music Academy (RMA) since they were in 3rd grade. Besides possessing vast knowledge and experience in teaching music, the RMA Instructors’ compassion and patience towards their students have brought out the musical talents in many students. After attending numerous recital events and witnessing many excellent performances by students of all ages and musical levels over the years, I can say that RMA is a great place for all students to learn music and explore their talents. I would recommend RMA to everyone.


Karl & Sean
My twin boys started playing the piano when they were four years old. My spouse and I knew little of music but we knew that exposing our children to the arts would help build character, commitment, and a love for music. They had three different teachers from different schools from ages 4 to 10. It was not until we found the Russian Music Academy (RMA) where we felt our kids grow into musicians. For the past two years, RMA has made us feel like part of their family. Every time we go for lessons, we are excited to see the passion RMA’s teachers have for music. The passion is contagious. The twins have matured at RMA, they are excited to play and showcase their talents. We moved to Orange County in the spring of 2018, we changed our lessons from the weekdays to the weekends so that our boys could continue to learn, grow, and flourish at RMA. I cannot say enough good things about RMA, we are thankful to have found your school.
Christian Quintero and Shuqian Guan
Athena Chung
We’d like to say thanks for your patience and guidance from Mrs. Julia in teaching Athena piano since she started her lessons in Russian Music Academy at the age of 5. During the past year Athena has learned how to count and read notes by herself. Every week the teacher will assign homework from just simple few lines to a complete song. With the assistance from Mrs. Julia Athena was able to win the 1st place in MTAC Pasadena 2018 Keyboard Theme Festival. Here the teachers are most professional and experienced. Our family likes the school a lot.
Ivan and Freda
Kailey, Jasmine, Justin & Lori
My name is June Wong and I am a mother of four children, who all attend the Russian Music Academy. As a parent I want my kids to have the best possible teacher for teaching music. I have been very happy with all the teachers at the Russian Music academy. At the RMA, a student is paired with a teacher similar to their personality. This is to ensure that through these one on one lessons, the student will be taught in the best way possible. My son, Justin has been a contestant to a number of piano competitions and came out with ribbons in hand every time. I truly recommend the Russian Music Academy if you want to send your child to the top teachers for a price you can afford.
June Wong
I have been a Russian Academy student for 4 years. I’ve started when I was the age of 7. And I am very happy to have a teacher like Ms. Anna who is a dedicated and great teacher to have. She not only helped me get 100% once on my theory test, but two times in a row! There were times she was sick, and hurt her leg, but she always showed up to be there for all of her students. She does her best to help students with their troubles on piano. Not to mention, Alex is the manager of the Russian Music Academy. He is a helpful person, and helped me get my first piano. Alex has a great personality and will always make you laugh no matter what kind of day you have.
Denise Han
Koemi - testimonials -RMA
I have been a student of this school for a little more than 3 years now. Before I enrolled in this school, I had switched piano teachers/schools frequently. It was really hard for I and for my brother to find a school/teacher that we both liked and could help us improve. Russian Music Academy Is the first school our family and I really liked, and we plan to continue attending until the end. My piano teacher, Ms. Anahit, helped me improved my piano skills drastically in only a short amount of time. Ms. Rita, my theory teacher, is an amazing teacher who only wants the best for her students and increased my knowledge of music theory rapidly. However, I’m not the only one who has learned so much. For the past three and a half years, I have seen many students improve drastically and I have met such talented and skilled students who have been here before me. I have grown pretty close with both of my teachers and other students have as well. My brother and I so happy to be a part of this “family” and I would encourage others to enroll as well because this Academy is like no other.
Koemi Okashima
Alden - testimonials - RMA
This place is excellent! The teachers are just the right amount of strict, not overly nice, but not the kind to make you cry. All of them are wonderful and are sure to help you improve your musical skills. Everyone is cooperative and understanding, and are great people to talk to. The instruments they provide are in splendid condition and won’t deter you when playing them. I have personally attended here for three years, earning numerous medals, certificates, and even trophies for 100% on my theory tests, and I can confidently say from the bottom of my heart that you are getting your money’s worth here. I would recommend this place for anyone wanting to learn a new skill or refine their existing musical talents.
Alden Okashima

Before coming to Russian Music Academy, I started to learn the basic of violin and a little bit of piano from another teacher. But, the way she taught me had end results that didn’t satisfy me and my parents. About a year later, my parents heard about Russian Music Academy from a friend; so’ they gave the school a shot.
I first came to RMA in 2012 with the intention of learning and focusing mainly on violin. Also I had more interest in the violin; I decided to try piano classes as well. The warm welcome they gave and the way they taught got me hooked to music. For the first time, I actually felt like I was learning and showing progress. I learned more things in a month with RMA than I did in a year with my other teacher.
For the past 7 years, Ms. Raga has taught me how to play piano, Ms. Rita has taught me music theory, and Ms. Larisa has taught me how to play violin. And of course, this whole program wouldn’t run smoothly if Mr. Alex wasn’t there to organize lessons schedule, recitals, concert, tests, and other events. Ms. Raga is a very patient and kind teacher that works well with students, Ms. Rita is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about theory and piano, and Ms. Larisa is such a great teacher that I can’t find the right words to express it. She is talented, professional, caring, intelligent, patient, kind hearted, and very observant towards little details. She has helped me with everything from technique to intonation to violin theory to ear training and many more. I’ve taken 4 levels of MTAC violin tests since 2015 and received great scores because of Ms. Larisa. And I can’t find a way to thank her for all that she has taught me for the last 7 years.
Learning music from RMA and knowing that I have support from these 4 people listed above really changed my life for the better. This family decision for me to learn at RMA is something that I will never regret. I don’t think I can find a school as great as RMA around this area. I’ve already introduced two of my cousins to Russian Music Academy and now they’re also in love with music. I highly recommend your son or daughter to join this academy. Trust me! It is worth the chance!! Best Music Academy ever!!!

Lindsey Tran

Brandon & Esther Chan
After going through 5 different piano schools, I’ve found the one where I actually have fun while learning and enhancing my skills at the piano. My experience here has been most enjoyable, especially since my teacher is very patient with me. The only regret I have is that it’s taken years to have been introduced here. I recommend!
The time I’ve spent at this school is really appreciated. My teacher is exceedingly patient and kind. My experience in this school is wonderful and I unquestionably recommend more students to come to this school and learn.
Ever since I was five years old, I’ve been put in and pulled out of numerous piano institutions. This was mainly due to my lack of improvement and my lack of connection with the instrument. However, this all changed when I entered Russian Music Academy at the age of eight. I vividly remember my first meeting with my future theory teacher, Ms. Rita. Upon looking over my past music books that have been granted to me by my past teachers, she immediately claimed that I’ve only been taught “baby songs”. Her claims were actually true since at that time I’ve only been taught nursery rhyme melodies and simple lullabies due to my young age, but her words sparked something indescribable. Looking back on this memory, I realized that that’s what makes this institution so different from others. This school focuses on honing your piano skills and bringing out your full potential, no matter your age. Although I did get to play the songs I enjoyed, I was also able to play songs that would enhance my piano technique which I learned later on to be extremely important. Not only does this school improve your piano skills in the physical aspect, it also improves it in a theoretical aspect. To elaborate, this academy works to heighten your piano technique along with your knowledge in musical theory which goes hand in hand in bringing forth your utmost abilities. But most of all, the greatest attribute within this institution is the staff, who treat us students like their own children. Throughout the years, I was able to develop a bond with my teachers, Ms. Rita and Ms. Anahit, in which I find to be truly irreplaceable. With all the wondrous features of this phenomenal academy, I can say proudly that I’ve been enrolled for eight years and I have not once regretted a single moment in being a part of this family.
Tanni Tran
Throughout these past, to upcoming years at Russian Music Academy, this experience is something you cannot forget. This place opens you up to so many opportunities like recitals or state test that can help you in many different ways. I have expanded my confidence level by so much due to this place. The academy always happens to bring a smile to my face through one way to another. Whether it is through personality or daily questions! I can tell you that my piano skills were not the only beneficial thing I got out of this place. You would not expect the amount of eye openers and opportunities that they support you with. Nevertheless, the music teachers are some of the most caring people you can meet and only want you to improve for the better. There is so much support and connection that go on between the teachers and students that keeps this “community” going so phenomenally. My family enjoys this place and rarely runs into problems surrounding payments or time management. From my older brother’s past experience to mine, we can always make this academy a family conversation.
Brianna Vo
I came to RMA 7 months ago to talk to Alex about letting my 4 year old son Jasper take piano lessons. He told me that my son was too small to take lessons and that we should come back next year. My son is a super shy boy and he cried when he saw Alex. I kept on insisting until Alex gave my son a try. When we saw Ms. Ana, she also said that my son was too small to start piano. He kept crying when he saw her too, so I tried to calm him down. Later, he played on the piano and surprised Ms. Ana 😲. Then she said that he was ok to take lessons. After 7 months, he can play a lot of songs, read notes… and he loves it. Every day, he asks me if he can practice. Thank you Ms. Ana for being very patient with him! Also, he’s still scared when he sees Alex 😂.
Yen Chieu

Russian Music School is a very important learning place for me. I learned to study and perform for joy and under pressure. It helped me with time management skill. My teachers Mrs. Raga and Mrs. Rita showed great patience with me. They also encourage and push me to pass my limit.
When I was in High School I was able to pass four levels of CM Test in four years: Level 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Karyn How

Tammy & Tiffany

As I was a young child, I’ve always had some sort of passion for music. It came in the form of singing off tune to cartoon theme songs or buying cheap, plastic keyboards that came with story books. In 1st or 2nd grade I started to take piano lessons from a private teacher. However, I didn’t exactly learn much and I wasn’t satisfied. That was when my mom discovered RMA to enroll me in. I officially started my learning of piano in May of 2011.

I am now in my second year of high school and have just passed my CM test for level 9/8 with very high scores (technique-excellent, sight reading-excellent, repertoire-excellent and 98% in theory.) Under the extreme care supervision, and working efforts of my teachers, I was able to achieve the opportunity to attend the State Honors, Branch Honors and the Convention. In addition to that, I attended the American composers’ festival and the J.S. Bach festival. Ever since I started learning piano at RMA, my results were always excellent and showed proof of the hard work and cooperation of my teachers and me. With their immense knowledge and their constant push for me to be the best version of myself, I was able to become one of the most proficient students.

My younger sister, Tiffany, started her lessons here at RMA one year after me, when she was in kindergarten. Her musicality and knowledge for piano has grown impressively to now being an extremely remarkable player. She also recently took her CM test for level 6 and passed with all excellent scores, making her eligible for state honor, branch honor, and the convention. Even if it is hard and stressful for her at times as a young musician, she really enjoys learning here, despite all obstacles.

The masterminds that were behind this whole process of turning us into amazing pianists were our teachers, Ms. Anna and Ms. Rita. Ms. Rita is our theory teacher who taught us the fundamental and “boring” parts of piano education. She is very passionate in her teaching and makes sure that every one of her students has more than enough knowledge to get through the test. Ms. Anna is our piano teacher. She has taught me and my sister everything we knew about playing a musical piece since we were young. At times she can be tough on you, but that only makes you a stronger as a musician and a person. Both of our wonderful teachers have gotten us to where we are today.

As a whole, the school is very encouraging/friendly and will satisfy anyone looking to study piano seriously. They do not only teach piano, but as well as strings, guitar, and recently singing! RMA provides a variety of teachers, all with different teaching styles and personalities. However, one thing that is the same is their immense knowledge and passion for their career. I guarantee that anyone who enrolls here will come out as a new person and an amazing musician. I am proud to say that RMA was the best thing that happened to me because not only did it teach me the arts, but it has improved me as a person, encouraged my passion for music, and fueled my interest in having a musical career.
Tammy Le
Maybe it’s a cultural thing but I was never very supportive of my daughter taking vocal lessons (Alex had to really reel me in on that one). Well I eventually caved and agreed to her try it out and I’m really glad that I did. Zoye is an amazing instructor! The dedication and positivity that she brings to the table has helped my shy, little mouse open up and given her the confidence to perform in front of a room full of people. As a parent, this has been the most important reason for me to keep her at it. It’s also pretty cool that Zoye has made her a better singer 🙂
Fay Wong
Russian Music Academy School in El Monte is a great school for our son to learn the music. In this school Teachers are knowledgeable and master in music that we can trust when we send our son to learn music here. It’s extremely rewarding experience for us and for him when he grows up. This school had taught my son the right way to learn music because learning the right way will help him gain a lot of benefits for his memory and problem solving, also helps him improving his math, vocabulary, language and other classroom skills. Music is the best way to release my son stress. It is good exercises for the brain especially for young kids. Music also helps him to raises his self-esteem, his concentrate, and explores his imagination so accept his criticism gracefully. Thanks a lot for all the benefits that it had done to our son for 8 years.
Duyen Tran
I recommend RMA as a musical academy to learn an instrument and theory. The teachers are nice and they teach well. The theory teacher seems scary but she’s funny and helps you if you need help or if you are confused with what you’re learning. The place is also really clean. Every time there’s a teacher’s birthday or something, the teachers gather around a grand piano and just play songs and sing. The students here are also nice so it’s easy to make friends. I feel comfortable here because to the nice people. There’s also almost always the sound of piano music which can drive you crazy if you are there for too long.
Vina Tran
I highly recommend Russian Music Academy, (5 stars). I’m a student here and I’ve been going to this school for 5 years, this is my 6th year. I’ve been going ever since I was in 1st grade. I still enjoy going to classes here to learn new songs. I’ve always wanted to play piano and I’m glad that my parents choose for me to go to this school. This school teaches piano, guitar, violin, cello, and singing. All the teachers are all very supportive and kind. The theory teacher may seem mean, but she’s actually very funny and nice.
Hailey Tran (12 year old student)
I sent my daughter to many private piano schools, but they never satisfied me as much as RMA did. When I enrolled her in, I really was impressed by what they have taught her. My daughter has been there ever since 2008. I like the teachers for their friendliness, willingness, enthusiasm, and efficiency. They are knowledgeable, patient, motivated, and give clear explanations. I recommend RMA for everyone I know.
Christine Han
Out of a whim I decided to try out piano for the heck of it, I felt like I needed to develop something like a hobby so when I saw an ad for Russian Music Academy I thought, “why not?’’ As of now I’ve been in this Academy for almost 3 years and I don’t regret it a bit. Surprisingly this school has quite a variety of different instruments that students can learn. Not only that, they have just recently added singing as well! What I found really surprising is that the atmosphere is really fun between the students and teachers. If there is any down time you can joke with them and they wouldn’t mind it. Overall, it’s just a really comfortable place to be. It can get crazy sometimes of course, but that’s what makes the school fun overall.
Kelly Ngo
Jacqueline & Joceline Nguyen

This school is the best piano school; we strongly recommend that you sign up your kids for music lessons here at this academy.
Both of our daughters came to this school when they were little girls. They’ve learned piano with different teachers and all of them are very professional. Our oldest daughter had piano lessons at this school until she went to college and the second one still has piano lessons here and she is currently in her junior year in high school. The teachers here genuinely care about their students and try their best to help their students reach their full potential, leading the academy to have a healthy learning environment.


A deeply caring environment, Alex the manager really works hard to schedule and extend flexibility to ensure all get a chance at these great lessons. They have a wide range of instructors with different learning styles, so if one doesn’t match, it’s easy to change to another. We are extremely fortunate to find this fantastic piano school for our daughter. You should definitely take your children there.
Kelly Trinh and her Mom Lily
Beryl, Chloe & Trevor
Our three children Beryl, Chloe and Trevor have been attending the Russian Music Academy for over three years now. Unlike many other children we know who dislike piano lessons; our children enjoy studying piano and playing in front of audience, large or small. This is due, in large part, to their wonderful Russian-trained teachers who are very professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable of proper piano technique and music theory. We would not hesitate to recommend prospective students of all ages or levels to this academy.
Lorraine Tong and Terence Tsang
The teachers of RMA not only taught me piano, but also taught me to look at music in a whole new way.
Ronald Tran, RMA student
The violin teachers at Russian Music Academy are amazing at their job! They always try their hardest in preparing us for everything that is to come. At this academy, the teachers teach their students how to read and interpret notes and rhythm correctly. The teachers are always happy to teach you and they are always opened up to answer any question that you ask them about music. Every year when there is the MTAC test (Music Teachers’ Association of California), they would always make sure that you are prepared for the test by teaching and guiding you on how to play your pieces.
Matthew Ngo
The Russian Music Academy has taught me so much in the past 7 years that I’ve been here. Since my first day, they’ve always made me feel welcome and have taught me to love and appreciate music. My two wonderful teachers, Ms. Anahit and Ms. Rita, have started a path to me to accomplish great things and play all sorts of challenging pieces I would’ve never thought I could play. It’s because of them that my love for music is this strong and why I look forward to the next three years I have with them.
Mindy Lin
Russian Music Academy is the best place to start and continue with a child’s music education. My son has been going to the Russian Music Academy since he was five (5) years old, 2016. He started playing piano with Ms. Julia. Ms. Julia is the best teacher ever! She is very patient and nurturing with my son. Ms. Julia guides and monitors my son’s progress so he can become a skilled pianist. My son really loves learning piano at Russian Music Academy. Both my nephews go to the same school as well. All the teachers are friendly and caring. I will recommend Russian Music Academy to anybody!
Sharon Wu
Kaylena & Deanna

This piano and music school is amazing! I have been a student here since the first grade and been improving with every lesson. My teacher is Ms. Anna is so kind and helps me learn my music for every test. I remember when I just started learning and was struggling playing a simple scale. Now, from the help of Ms. Anna, I am playing full pieces and multiple scales. I am currently in level 8 and hoping to reach level 10. I highly recommend putting your kid in this school.

Deanna Pham

I have been part of the Russian Music Academy since I was 6 years old. I have learned so many new things and have enjoyed playing piano ever since. My teacher Ms. Anna is the best and she has taught me music that I will remember for as long as I live. I enjoy being in her class with my sister Deanna every week. Piano is now a big part of my life and I love every minute of it.
Another person I love at the Russian Music Academy is Mr. Alex. He is very hardworking and is always caring. Mr. Alex always tries to fit piano classes in our schedule and is always welcoming when I see him around. The Russian Music Academy is such an amazing school and I am so thankful to be part of the Russian Music Academy Family.

Kaylena Pham