Lessons & Tuitions

Instruments/Voice Lessons

Russian Music Academy offers a variety of private instrumental/voice music lessons, including:


If you are interested in any other instrument not listed, we will gladly provide it!

Lessons are offered once or twice a week for:

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1 hour or more

Students who would like to accelerate their progress are welcome to have multiple lessons per week.


Piano • Violin • Cello • Guitar • Voice

30 min / $160 per month

45 min / $200 per month

1 hour / $240 per month

Month-to-month tuition is due at the beginning of each month.

Music Theory Classes/Lessons

Music Theory Classes are offered in group and private sessions:

  • 45 minutes Group Theory Class, taught by owner, either before or after the
    instrumental lesson.
  • 15 or 30 minutes of Private Theory Lesson added to the lesson with the instrumental teacher.

Theory classes are offered to anyone interested, whether or not the student is part of Russian Music Academy. More about Music Theory

Group Theory Class Tuition

 $75 per month
one child

 $125 per month
two siblings

$175 per month
three or more siblings

Private Theory Lesson Tuition is embedded in instrumental lesson.